Is SEO Still Relevant in 2023? Seonza Identifies SEO Trends 2023

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If you’ve got a small business, you may be wondering if SEO strategy is still essential in 2023.

The clear answer is yes, SEO is still relevant in 2023 for small businesses looking to get more traffic directed toward their website.

Seonza, an SEO agency in Latin America, is committed to helping your small business get its name on the map. Below, Seonza will share some of the things small business owners should keep in mind regarding SEO trends for 2023.

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2023? Seonza Identifies SEO Trends 2023

How Search Engines are Used in 2023

More people are searching than ever in 2023. Web pages from companies large and small rely on search rank to get search traffic directed to them.

A simple google search can tell potential customers a lot about your business, so your ranking on search results pages is pretty important.

Another website that shows up just a few spaces above your own could be the difference between gaining a new customer or not.

There are a variety of ways browsers are used in 2023. Between keyword optimization, image SEO, AI SEO tools, and google rankings, experts in SEO strategies can help your small business grow using SEO trends.

Searching is also used on both computers and mobile devices. You need to make sure that your website’s content is designed for mobile device user experience so your business can show up in browser results pages.

Voice searcing has also increased in 2023, with the internet becoming more accessible to people by the day. We’ll talk a bit more about this below.

Search Engine Optimization and Your Business

Getting started in SEO for your business can be tough. You may have questions like “how much does SEO cost for a small business?” or “how do I find SEO experts near me?” Luckily, Seonza has some advice to help.

If you want high-quality content, you should find a high-quality SEO company like Seonza to work with your business. Seonza can help you optimize your website so your business can be found more easily in Google, the most popular search engine, and many other search engines.

SEO professionals can also help identify common Google Adwords or improve meta descriptions so your business can be found through relevant search terms. This can help increase traffic to your site, which can increase the number of customers you have.

More customers means more spreading the word about your company, which means more business!

All businesses, big and small, need to consider their SEO strategy. Without SEO usage in 2023, your business will be less likely to succeed in the modern age.

How Do You Optimize Your Business’s Website?

There are lots of different ways SEO experts can optimize your business’s website. These experts do keyword research for the subjects on your website so they can create relevant content.

One ranking factor is keywords used in search queries, which can help Google discover your website more quickly. SEO experts can predict the search intent and search behavior of internet users, so they know how to increase web traffic without keyword stuffing.

Another ranking factor is your website’s internal pages. Websites with several key internal pages are more likely to appear in a local search than websites without many internal pages.

The more relevant and useful content your internal pages contain, the higher your website will rank. Your internal pages should also be designed for mobile users as well as computer users, so your customers can have a great experience using any device.

SEO experts may engage in link building to help boost your website in not only search engine results pages ranking but also content relevance. Link building will hyperlink other websites to your web page, which can help you pop up in searches with semantically related keywords to your business.

The experts you trust can then check your core web vitals using a program like Google search console to determine if the work is successful enough. Core web vitals can help you figure out if strategies like featured snippets are reaching your target audience.

How Do You Show Up on the Search Results Page?

One primary way your website may appear on a web results page is through a featured snippet.

Any articles on your website should have featured snippets with long tail keywords to help you appear on pages with correct search intent. You may also show up in search results if you have other relevant internal pages with structured data and unique keywords.

Search Engine Journal is a great resource for those looking to learn more about how SEO can impact their business. They can teach you more about making video content for video marketing, improving page speed, and predictive searches.

Typically, people associate predictive search with common information, so your business showing up in predictive search can make your business seem more legitimate.

Using SEO in Voice Search

Voice search usage is becoming more popular in 2023 thanks to inclusion efforts worldwide. Using this tool can help improve how people access information online, even through avenues like image search.

User experience is essential for customers of all backgrounds and needs, so you should make sure your business’s website is optimized for voice searches.

You should think about the types of phrases and keywords users may say when trying to search for services related to your business. For example, eCommerce sites may want to consider using terms like “for sale,” “buy,” “online shopping,” and more to get users directed to their website.

Phrases said out loud are sometimes different from the terms that we type out to look up services. Try typing out requests and saying them out loud to determine the difference between them.

Your SEO expert that you contact, such as Seonza, will know these differences already and can help you boost your website in various web searches.

Finding New Customers Through Search Intent

One of the most effective ways new customers find your business is through online web searches. If a customer needs a service, they’ll be looking it up on the web and often go with a service found on the first page of Google or any other web browser they use.

The higher your website shows up on this list, the more likely they’ll be to go with your business.

The SEO company you work with will help you determine your potential customers’ search intention, which can help boost your site in someone’s search. If you can predict the mentality of your potential customers before they even type anything into the search bar, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

Think about what your potential customers want and what you can provide. If you offer legal services, your potential customers might seek information using terms such as “lawyer,” “divorce,” “sue,” or “paralegal.”

Using more of these terms on your website can help it show up sooner when users search with these terms or related phrases.


Making your business’s website SEO-friendly can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. SEO experts like Seonza can make boosting your website in search results easier than ever.

To learn more about the services Seonza offers, check out our website and send us a message. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help your business however you can.

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