Is Seo Worth it for Small Businesses

Is Seo Worth it for Small Businesses? Seonza Says Yes

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If you’ve opened a new business recently, you may be wondering if SEO is worth it for your business. The clear answer is yes, SEO is essential for many businesses to gain traction as they grow over time.

Is Seo Worth it for Small BusinessesHere’s what the data says:

  • According to 49% of marketers, organic search has the best ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel (Search Engine Journal)
  • The ROI on Google organic search traffic is 5.3X, compared to 2X from paid results (Google)
  • The average ROI of SEO services is $2.75 for every dollar spent, or a 275% ROI (Profitworks)

Clearly, SEO can do a lot for small businesses based on these studies alone.

Seonza is an SEO agency in Latam that works regularly with small businesses looking to start using search engine optimization. We know just how to get your website to increase its traffic potential and rank higher on Google, getting you more traffic than ever before.

Because of our experience in SEO, we can also calculate your business’s ROI before we even start our SEO work on your site. Seonza’s data-driven approach increases chances for success when you partner with us.

Calculating the Value of SEO

By taking a data-based approach, it’s easy to calculate the value of SEO for your business. Companies like Seonza can look at keyword analysis to determine which keywords have the greatest search volume.

For example, the keyword “floor installers Atlanta GA” was searched 210 times according to SemRush, a keyword analysis tool.

Calculating the Value of SEO

210 monthly searches adds up to 2,520 searches per year.

If a flooring installation in Atlanta, GA costs $5,000, 33% of people who search that click your site, 2% of those become a lead, one out of every six leads becomes a customer (16.6%), the annual value of SEO based on that one keyword becomes:

2,520 searches x $5,000 x 33% x 2% x 16.6% = $13,804.56

That’s a lot of ROI for a single keyword!

Now that we understand the value of SEO for businesses, it’s time to look at tactics offered by SEO companies like Seonza. We’ll also take a look at SEO costs compared to ROI.

Below, we’ll share some more information about how your small business can use SEO tactics to create an online presence on Google and other search engines. To learn more, read on.

Is SEO Worth It for Small Business?

As previously mentioned, yes, SEO is definitely worth it for small businesses. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which can bring your website to the top of a Google search.

Most people find out about new businesses simply by Googling the services they need. It’s important that your website uses good SEO services to generate traffic to your site.

Is SEO Worth It for Small Business?

Image source:

Having a web presence can make or break your business. As a business owner, your priority is reaching a large audience to bring in more customers.

SEO companies can help you develop an SEO strategy for your site so you can promote your products or services further.

Though you have to pay for SEO (unless you have someone who does SEO work on your own team), it is often worth the cost.

Let’s go back to our flooring example above. Our calculated ROI for one keyword was $13,804.56.

According to Ahrefs, the average cost of SEO per month is between $500-$1,000.

Average cost of SEO per month

Image source:

While this can change drastically depending on the types of services you purchase, this average is fairly affordable for most small businesses.

Doing the math, a $13,804.56 ROI – $6,000-$12,000 SEO annual cost = $1,804.56-$7,804.56 annual profit. This is a profit of $150.38-$650.38 per month – for just one keyword!

Business owners often find that using an SEO agency like Seonza is a great way to bring in more organic traffic to their websites.

With the right SEO company, online marketing can take you from simply being a local business to developing a chain of your businesses. This can help you get your products out to more regions and even make you a household name.

Why Are Search Engines Important for Small Businesses?

If you’re new to SEO, you may be wondering why SEO is important for business. Simply put, SEO helps your business rank higher in Google’s search results.

Showing up on the first page of an organic search means more people will find your business website and potentially become a customer.

The more website traffic you have, the more potential customers you’re bringing in. You can use SEO efforts in your social media channels, business web page, and even something as simple as a blog post.

In the era of modern technology, budding businesses need to take advantage of digital marketing rather than relying only on traditional marketing.

Search Engines Important for Small Businesses

Image source:

Almost everything these days is online, so a good chunk of your target audience is going to find you through search engine results.

How Do Small Businesses Use Search Engine Optimization to Their Advantage?

Small businesses can use SEO in a variety of ways. An SEO provider like Seonza can assess your business’s needs to determine which ranking factors they should capitalize on first.

Some of the pros of using SEO include:

  • SEO is highly cost-effective when comparing the cost of SEO to ROI
  • You don’t need a huge marketing budget to benefit from SEO
  • There are lots of service options available including hiring a web designer or a specialist in content marketing
  • A good SEO service can identify best practices for your website including technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO

Some of the cons of using SEO include:

  • Coming up with the up-front SEO cost if your business is very new
  • Accidentally choosing a non-reputable company that uses spammy backlinks
  • Paid ads in an SEO campaign don’t always bring in as much ROI as organic traffic

Luckily, having even a small marketing budget and finding a good SEO company like Seonza can usually eliminate these potential cons.

Finding a good SEO company like Seonza

How These Agencies Can Help Your Business

SEO agencies will consider the search intent of your customers to determine how to most effectively use keywords and link building.

Our professional agency will also do an SEO audit for your site to determine your weak spots. We will then research Buyer Persona, Buyer Journey, do competitor research and keywords research, pick the best keywords relevant to your business, and agree them with you.

Once this research is complete, we will calculate the ROI for the service and provide a detailed plan of how these changes will be implemented once the service is paid for.

The Buyer's Journey

Your SEO team (whether your own SEO team or an outsourced one) will consider your business’s niche and develop a marketing funnel to encourage customers to use your services.

A good SEO team can create an SEO optimized content for each stage of the funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Decision) and rank it on Google. Making potential customers aware of your business over other websites in organic search results is the first step toward selling more services or products.

How Do I Know If My Paid SEO Services are Working?

Many SEO agencies in the SEO industry use different metrics to determine if their methods are working properly. They may take a look at your business’s average order value before and after running a campaign.

Google Analytics

Every good SEO agency can clearly communicate what results you should expect from their work. They may provide reports on qualified traffic from Google ads or compile other data from tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.

You’ll also begin to see more customers from your target market. Getting more traction in-person and online means your SEO content marketing is likely working well.

Customers that find your company through search results may also share this information with friends and family members, further driving business to your doorstep.

How to Find SEO Services for Small Businesses

Now that we know SEO is worth it for businesses of all sizes, you’ll have to find an agency to work with.

Look At Their Prior Work

When looking for an SEO company, ask to see their existing content so you know the quality of the work they provide.

Any reputable SEO agency will have some sort of portfolio, so make sure you ask them what types of services they specialize in. This can help you get a clearer picture of what you’ll be paying for.

Find One That Focuses on Small Businesses

You’ll also want to pick a company that has worked with small businesses before. SEO for small businesses can often look a little different than SEO for giant businesses.

Since you’re small, you’ll focus on driving in new traffic and getting your name out there, rather than keeping yourself on top of a list you’re already present on. The goal for small businesses using SEO is for them to reach the top, rather than just stay there.

Look For Services Locally

If you have any web specialists or marketing agencies in your area, you may want to find a local company that offers SEO services within your budget.

Find a local company that offers SEO services

If your business is in a remote area or if there are no SEO professionals near you, you may have to find a company that outsources these services.

Luckily, many companies outsource their SEO to Seonza confidently and professionally. Even though the team interacts with your business remotely, you’ll feel like you have a personal SEO team right in your building.

Look Within Your Budget

Look for a company that offers the high-quality services you need while remaining within your budget. As their work brings in more customers, you can hopefully increase your SEO budget and improve your site even further in the future. The more growth your business sees, the better!


SEO takes a lot of time, energy, and funding, but can truly make a difference for local businesses. When SEO works, your valuable content can reach the right people and help bring in more customers than ever before.

If you’re looking to get started with SEO in your business, consider reaching out to Seonza. Seonza works with several businesses annually to increase their customer base and bring in more sales.

With services like those offered by Seonza, you can take your business to the next level in no time.

To learn more about Seonza’s services and to get a quote, reach out to them on their website. They’re always happy to help your business however they can.

Top 5 International SEO Services and Agencies

Top 5 International SEO Services and Agencies

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Lots of new businesses wonder: is SEO still relevant today? The clear answer is yes, SEO is even more relevant in today’s digital world than it was just a few years ago.

If you’re a company looking for business growth using SEO strategies, an SEO company can help you do this.

Below, we’ll share some information on international SEO services. We’ll also share the top 5 international SEO professionals in the world.

To learn more, read on.

Top 5 International SEO Services and Agencies

What is International SEO? Benefits of Using Search Engines

International SEO optimizes your website for your target audience in different countries.

Your company may want to reach a specific target market in other countries. International SEO can significantly impact your business’s global reach.

Customers from all areas of the world will have access to your brand. This can lead to significant site growth!

Websites that use international SEO are accessible in multiple countries. They reach a global audience compared to websites that only focus on local traffic. They can achieve international business goals that they otherwise would not have reached.

Reaching global markets is essential to getting your brand’s name out there. You should work with international SEO experts to expand into your target countries.

Goals and Objectives of International SEO Strategy

Companies using international SEO strategies have several goals when working with your business.

Their primary goal is to help your company get higher in search engine rankings around the world.

Ranking high in search results can help your team reach international markets. This can earn you an international audience and bring in more annual revenue.

International SEO strategy may use keywords and language targeting to access foreign markets.

Once you’ve broken into new markets and earned new clients, you’ll see more sales than ever before.

Your website needs to be accessible across multiple languages to achieve international success.

How Do International SEO Agencies Work?

International SEO is your key to success in international markets.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to your global SEO strategy, an international SEO agency can help.

International SEO consultants work with your business to create international SEO campaigns. These can help boost your brand in other countries.

An international SEO campaign will use a variety of SEO tactics to help your company succeed.

The SEO services offered by your SEO agency may include keyword research, translating your website into different languages, and creating other international content for your site.

In addition to using foreign languages, SEO companies will work with hreflang tags. These can specify the language and target location of a website.

These tags are complex and need a professional to use them on your website.

This ensures that potential customers will see the correct version of your website according to the language they’re typing in and the location they’re using Google from.

After all, you don’t want someone in Spain to Google your business and get the US version of the website!

Experienced agencies promote international SEO efforts through an integrated approach. They provide SEO services such as implementing keywords as well as competitor analysis from similar companies around the world.

These experts know what they’re doing in the world of global marketing. Make sure you work with a reputable company to reach your goals.

Top 5 Global SEO Agencies in 2023


Seonza is an SEO agency in Chile that specializes in international SEO services in Latin America. They have a solid base of customers and extensive experience.

Seonza works with their clients to help them earn more organic traffic from Google. These clients then see long-term results from their SEO work.

Reach out on their website to learn more about their international marketing services.


WebFX is a digital marketing agency that helps its clients gain global recognition.

WebFX has a history of over 25 years and a large team of employees. They can certainly help you improve your online visibility in several ways.

This company prides itself on helping its clients increase sales throughout the year. Reach out to them if you’re concerned with your revenue goals this year.

Single Grain

Single Grain is another internationally-known company with a team of experts behind it.

In fact, Single Grain’s primary advertisement point is that they don’t just supply account managers. They provide you with an SEO specialist that knows the market you’re working with.

Single Grain also provides training classes in addition to helping customers rank on Google and other search engines. This means your team can learn marketing tools themselves!


If you’re new to the world of SEO, NinjaPromo is a great place to start.

Their SEO strategy focuses on the most popular services in the modern market. Some include social media advertising, NFTs, branding, and mobile app design.

NinjaPromo prides itself on its technical excellence. They have some of the most visually-pleasing websites on the international stage. is an excellent agency for those looking for the basics.

This agency can help you improve your ranking across international search engines using relevant keywords and link-building.

They’re also familiar with the market differences between countries. This means they can help you adapt your online presence to succeed in several regions at once. Their primary regions include North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

If you want an agency that can really help you expand into a variety of areas, is a great place to start.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an International SEO Agency

  1. The Search Engine Can Make or Break Your Global GrowthThe search engine is the central part of SEO strategies. If people in other countries can’t find you when searching your company (or related key terms), you won’t grow internationally. An international agency can help you break into the global market. They can also help you create an online presence in other countries.
  2. They Can Help You Manage All 3 SEO TypesSEO is more complex than you think. There are actually three types of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Each of these types plays an essential role in getting a high ranking on search results pages. An SEO agency will be familiar with each of these types and can maximize all three of them for your benefit.
  3. They Consider Cultural Differences When Marketing Clients’ WebsitesLet’s face it – we don’t know everything about the world around us. SEO agencies specializing in global growth are familiar with cultural differences between countries. These agencies can adapt your website’s content so it’s relatable to other demographics. They can also do this without causing confusion or even offense. The last thing you want to do is make waves across countries with an insensitive website! Considering differences across cultures can also help you adapt your own services. This can help you provide better services and products to other regions.

How to Choose a Global SEO Agency

Finding an SEO agency for your website is easy, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best around.

Before choosing an agency, take a look at their prior international marketing experience.

You want a company that has a track record of being effective and reputable. But it should also remain within your budget.

A great global agency will also have a diverse portfolio of projects from around the world. These projects should prove to increase website traffic and sales for several companies.

You should also inquire about the specific markets an agency works with. Some agencies may specialize in specific areas of the world. Larger ones may have a farther reach.

Choose an agency that has experience working with the countries that interest you. They’ll already know the best practices of marketing to those countries, so you’ll be ahead of the game.


Part of growing your brand means building an audience in other countries. If you can do this successfully, your company can grow exponentially.

Agencies like Seonza can help you achieve this. To learn more about the services they offer, reach out to them on their website.

Seonza is always happy to help both small and large businesses in any way they can.

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2023? Seonza Identifies SEO Trends 2023

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If you’ve got a small business, you may be wondering if SEO strategy is still essential in 2023.

The clear answer is yes, SEO is still relevant in 2023 for small businesses looking to get more traffic directed toward their website.

Seonza, an SEO agency in Latin America, is committed to helping your small business get its name on the map. Below, Seonza will share some of the things small business owners should keep in mind regarding SEO trends for 2023.

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2023? Seonza Identifies SEO Trends 2023

How Search Engines are Used in 2023

More people are searching than ever in 2023. Web pages from companies large and small rely on search rank to get search traffic directed to them.

A simple google search can tell potential customers a lot about your business, so your ranking on search results pages is pretty important.

Another website that shows up just a few spaces above your own could be the difference between gaining a new customer or not.

There are a variety of ways browsers are used in 2023. Between keyword optimization, image SEO, AI SEO tools, and google rankings, experts in SEO strategies can help your small business grow using SEO trends.

Searching is also used on both computers and mobile devices. You need to make sure that your website’s content is designed for mobile device user experience so your business can show up in browser results pages.

Voice searcing has also increased in 2023, with the internet becoming more accessible to people by the day. We’ll talk a bit more about this below.

Search Engine Optimization and Your Business

Getting started in SEO for your business can be tough. You may have questions like “how much does SEO cost for a small business?” or “how do I find SEO experts near me?” Luckily, Seonza has some advice to help.

If you want high-quality content, you should find a high-quality SEO company like Seonza to work with your business. Seonza can help you optimize your website so your business can be found more easily in Google, the most popular search engine, and many other search engines.

SEO professionals can also help identify common Google Adwords or improve meta descriptions so your business can be found through relevant search terms. This can help increase traffic to your site, which can increase the number of customers you have.

More customers means more spreading the word about your company, which means more business!

All businesses, big and small, need to consider their SEO strategy. Without SEO usage in 2023, your business will be less likely to succeed in the modern age.

How Do You Optimize Your Business’s Website?

There are lots of different ways SEO experts can optimize your business’s website. These experts do keyword research for the subjects on your website so they can create relevant content.

One ranking factor is keywords used in search queries, which can help Google discover your website more quickly. SEO experts can predict the search intent and search behavior of internet users, so they know how to increase web traffic without keyword stuffing.

Another ranking factor is your website’s internal pages. Websites with several key internal pages are more likely to appear in a local search than websites without many internal pages.

The more relevant and useful content your internal pages contain, the higher your website will rank. Your internal pages should also be designed for mobile users as well as computer users, so your customers can have a great experience using any device.

SEO experts may engage in link building to help boost your website in not only search engine results pages ranking but also content relevance. Link building will hyperlink other websites to your web page, which can help you pop up in searches with semantically related keywords to your business.

The experts you trust can then check your core web vitals using a program like Google search console to determine if the work is successful enough. Core web vitals can help you figure out if strategies like featured snippets are reaching your target audience.

How Do You Show Up on the Search Results Page?

One primary way your website may appear on a web results page is through a featured snippet.

Any articles on your website should have featured snippets with long tail keywords to help you appear on pages with correct search intent. You may also show up in search results if you have other relevant internal pages with structured data and unique keywords.

Search Engine Journal is a great resource for those looking to learn more about how SEO can impact their business. They can teach you more about making video content for video marketing, improving page speed, and predictive searches.

Typically, people associate predictive search with common information, so your business showing up in predictive search can make your business seem more legitimate.

Using SEO in Voice Search

Voice search usage is becoming more popular in 2023 thanks to inclusion efforts worldwide. Using this tool can help improve how people access information online, even through avenues like image search.

User experience is essential for customers of all backgrounds and needs, so you should make sure your business’s website is optimized for voice searches.

You should think about the types of phrases and keywords users may say when trying to search for services related to your business. For example, eCommerce sites may want to consider using terms like “for sale,” “buy,” “online shopping,” and more to get users directed to their website.

Phrases said out loud are sometimes different from the terms that we type out to look up services. Try typing out requests and saying them out loud to determine the difference between them.

Your SEO expert that you contact, such as Seonza, will know these differences already and can help you boost your website in various web searches.

Finding New Customers Through Search Intent

One of the most effective ways new customers find your business is through online web searches. If a customer needs a service, they’ll be looking it up on the web and often go with a service found on the first page of Google or any other web browser they use.

The higher your website shows up on this list, the more likely they’ll be to go with your business.

The SEO company you work with will help you determine your potential customers’ search intention, which can help boost your site in someone’s search. If you can predict the mentality of your potential customers before they even type anything into the search bar, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

Think about what your potential customers want and what you can provide. If you offer legal services, your potential customers might seek information using terms such as “lawyer,” “divorce,” “sue,” or “paralegal.”

Using more of these terms on your website can help it show up sooner when users search with these terms or related phrases.


Making your business’s website SEO-friendly can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. SEO experts like Seonza can make boosting your website in search results easier than ever.

To learn more about the services Seonza offers, check out our website and send us a message. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help your business however you can.

Why seo is important for business

Why SEO is Important for Business

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If you’ve never heard of SEO then you might be living under a rock as it’s an important digital marketing term that can drastically change the trajectory of any business.

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, it’s something all businesses need to not just be aware of, but fully understand in order to grow online.

To the untrained eye, SEO might appear to be a complicated technical term but with some knowledge, it’s easy to understand. SEO is essential to get your business in front of the eyes of future customers. It can be the difference between customers finding your website and placing an order or shopping with a competitor.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is SEO tactics and why it is important for business.


Why seo is important for businessWhat is SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it’s about how well your website appears in the search rankings. It applies to all search engines but is primarily focused on Google since that is the largest one.

Think back to a time you last did a Google search. You typed in the search bar what you were looking for and all the relevant websites appeared.

When conducting a Google search, you’re most likely to click on the first, second, or third website shown.

Think about it, when was the last time you checked the second or third search engine results pages? Probably never. Well, SEO is essentially about where your website ranks in these results.

SEO efforts are about pushing your website to the top when a relevant search is made, so people who want to see your website see it first.

We might have made it sound simple, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

What is SEO

How Does SEO Work

Now you know what SEO is, we’ll take a further look at how it works.

Where a website appears in the search results is dependent on many factors. The search engines looks at all these factors and decide what results to show when something is searched. It does this by crawling website pages and indexing them depending on the information found. The search engine algorithms provide a rank of website page listings when something is searched for.

It’s important to remember that the search engine rankings are always aiming to show the best most relevant results to whatever has been searched. The better the website and information provided, the more helpful it will be and the better it will rank.

Let’s take a further look at some of the SEO strategies and SEO techniques.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about the web design and how the search engine can crawl and index the website pages. It’s essentially making sure that your website can be read by Google so it can be put forward when a relevant search query is made.

This includes aspects like site speed, responsiveness, and if your website runs smoothly on mobile. You’ll want to make sure all your URLs work and any links are working correctly.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO elements refer to the high-quality content on the website such as blogs, product descriptions, and images.

The content should match the relevant keywords you want to rank for. For example, if someone searches for the keyword “white chunky trainers” you need to have this word in your product names, product description, image metadata, and a blog post about how to style white chunky trainers.

Keyword research must be part of this to understand exactly what your customers are searching for. You need to have a good mix of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

It’s no use just scattering keywords around your website as the search engine will see right through that. Content needs to be relevant, thought out, and useful.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is everything outside of your website that impacts where your website appears in the search.

The search engine wants to know that your website is a reputable, reliable source of information so it will look to other websites to see if yours is being referenced. This is where backlinks to other websites come in. If other websites are linking to yours, then it shows you authority and can be trusted.

Consider local SEO here too. This is about how your online business appears in maps and local searches.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to conducting your SEO team, you could focus on improving your website content and increasing backlinks to name a few.

It can be useful to get help from an SEO agency in Chile who have specialized knowledge and expertise.

An SEO professional can help you pinpoint exactly what areas you need need to focus on and help you build an SEO strategy.

Why Your Business Needs SEO: Top 10 Benefits of SEO

We’ve explained what SEO is, but now let’s take a look at what makes SEO important.

Benefits of SEO

1. Visibility

SEO helps to improve the online visibility of your business. It will help push your website higher in the search results when an organic search is made. This ultimately helps your potential customers find you.

2. Traffic

The more people that can see your own website the more can visit it. Improving SEO means you can get higher organic traffic to your website, but also better quality website traffic who are more likely to stay and convert.

3. Authority

Improving SEO means you are working on improving your credibility and authority as a website. With better SEO comes more trust and reliability from the search engines that can help set you up for long-term online success.

4. Customer Experience

Customer experience is improved with good SEO. This could be by providing information in blog posts, or product descriptions and reviews.

This will also take into account the navigation on the website and its internal links to help the customer in their journey on your website.

5. Competitive

Focusing on improving your SEO makes you more competitive against other businesses. You’ll appear higher than competitors in the search which will result in more traffic and website views.

6. Growth

Increasing traffic to the website makes it easier for you to grow. Once you build credibility you have more space to branch out into new spaces.

7. Data

SEO gives you data and insight into your customers. It can tell you their shopping habits and what they are searching for. This can help you make sales and business decisions to meet customer wants and needs.

8. Brand Identity

SEO can help your business increase brand exposure and customer retention. Your brand identity will be appearing in the most relevant places and can be put in front of a new audience if done correctly. It can create brand loyalty and help with customer retention as you’ll always be right in front of your audience’s eyes.

9. Conversion

Not only does it help people find your website, but SEO helps them convert. It puts your website in front of people who are looking for it.

Creating a website with more useful content that’s easy to navigate keeps people to stay on the website for longer and reduces bounce rate.

10. ROI

SEO is a great return on investment as it is cost-effective in the long term. SEO does not cost anything like other marketing strategies as it’s much cheaper to implement than say paid advertising.

How much does SEO cost for a small business? It can vary depending on the needs of your business, but consulting an agency can help you get an initial idea.

Importance of SEO

SEO is important for all businesses, it’s essential if you want your website to attract customers.

Without Search Engine Optimization, your website will be lost among many competitors and won’t rank where anyone will see it.

SEO puts your website in front of your target audience who are searching for it. It ensures you find quality traffic who are more likely to convert.

There are many factors that influence SEO and partnering with a digital marketing agency is a great way to get started with improving your SEO.

How Much Does SEO Cost for a Small Business?

How Much Does SEO Cost for a Small Business? Seonza Has the Answer

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SEO is an essential part of growing a business online.

Every day, over 300 million people around the world use search engines like Google. Having your brand show up in their search is one of the best ways to grow your clientele.

When starting a small business, you should always include funding for SEO in your budget. So how much do you need in your SEO budget for these marketing services?

Seonza, an SEO agency in Latam, is here to help. Below, we’ll talk about how much SEO services can cost your small business and a few tips on selecting services. This can help set your business up for success in the long run.

How Much Does SEO Cost for a Small Business?How Much Does SEO Cost on Average?

The cost of SEO services for your small business ultimately relies on the company and the types of SEO services you want.

On average, cheap SEO can cost as little as $750 per month. Small businesses wanting more traffic through high-quality SEO services can pay up to $2000 per month.

Marketing agencies like Seonza can provide affordable SEO services to small businesses like yours. With SEO experts like ours, small business owners can expect their website’s visibility to increase significantly. Visit our contact page for more information.

What is a Good Budget for Search Engine Optimization?


Most businesses have a marketing budget for local SEO services and SEO marketing. Increasing your site’s visibility for organic traffic is best done long-term, but some local businesses prefer to operate through one-time projects.

For a one-time SEO campaign, most business owners can expect to pay anywhere between $5000 and $30,000 for SEO services. Some SEO agencies will only offer ongoing partnerships, so inquire with a few SEO agencies to find a good fit.

SEO agencies with integrity have both their interest and yours in mind. Make sure you budget at least $10,000 for higher-quality SEO consultants. More affordable SEO services may cost as little as a few thousand dollars, but may result in lower search engine rankings and keyword rankings.

For long-term contracts with an SEO agency, expect to pay up to a few thousand dollars per month for better keyword research and higher rankings on search engine results pages. Cheap services sound great on the front end, but may not generate leads effectively.

SEO Services Pricing Models

Most companies offer different technical SEO pricing models. This means you can choose the types of local SEO services that are best for your business.

Having an SEO strategy for your business can help you determine the budget you will need according to the services you want. If you aren’t sure what types of services you need yet, take a look at the different types below.

Monthly SEO Pricing

As mentioned previously, some local SEO companies will offer monthly pricing for ongoing projects. This pricing will vary by local business and by local services requested, so you’ll have to inquire with your company of choice for a quote.

Small businesses should expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $5000 per month for local SEO services. We recommend planning for at least $2000 per month for better quality SEO services.

Though $500 is around the bare minimum, this low budget can lead to fewer local search results online. There’s little point in spending money on SEO strategy if it won’t be effective.

Hourly SEO Pricing

Some businesses prefer to hire an SEO consultant to assist with their site’s search results. These professionals can perform keyword research, create target keyword lists, rank your site with an SEO calculator, and increase organic search results.

On average, you should expect to pay these professionals anywhere between $80 – $300 per hour depending on skills and experience. On page SEO can make or break a business, so don’t underestimate the value of these professionals.

Project-Based SEO Pricing

If you would prefer to have your SEO work done by project, you should prepare to have a bigger chunk of change saved up. Many of these projects require payment up-front and will cost more for one-time deals.


Project-based SEO can take a look at your site’s domain authority and perform an SEO audit to determine ways to improve your online presence. They may work on developing internal links or using Google autosuggest to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines.

This project will only be one time, so you or your team will have to monitor the results after the project is completed. If your business needs more work done, you will have to pay for another project.

Fixed Price SEO Services

Fixed price SEO services can help you get small business SEO on a budget.

These services are fixed in price, meaning your quote is final and won’t change depending on the progress of the project.

This is preferred by many business owners as it can prevent you from getting any unexpected fees at the end of a project.

Pay for Performance SEO

If you want guaranteed results, consider finding a local SEO agency that offers Pay for Performance SEO. This means you’ll only start paying for SEO services after you see results from the services you requested.

This provides some business owners peace of mind, since they know they’ll only be paying for something that works.

What are Other Technical SEO Pricing Factors?

Other pricing factors when it comes to working with an SEO agency include the type of team managing your site’s SEO and the type of content marketing performed.

Some companies with larger budgets for SEO professionals may prefer to have an in house team. This means your business would hire SEO professionals such as a dedicated account manager or social media management team on its own.

This team would then work on tasks such as competitive analysis, link building, developing relevant keywords, internal linking, and reworking your site’s structure.


Many small business owners also like to find outsourced SEO teams. This can help reduce costs since you won’t be paying full salaries or needing to provide additional benefits. You may want to use an SEO cost calculator to determine which type of SEO team is most cost-effective for your business.

There are pros and cons to both. An in-house team can work more closely with your business and is often quicker to solve problems but can be costly. Outsourced services may not be as personal but are often more affordable.

A good option is to find a company that offers a bit of both. Seonza’s About page can provide more information about how we offer this.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses?

Some business owners may wonder why SEO is important for business. Ultimately, SEO can help your business create an online presence and grow your business.

Many people find out about businesses by looking up their needs online. By improving your ranking on search engine result pages, you can increase your visibility and market your business to its full potential.

An online presence can make or break a business. If you want your business to truly grow, you’ll need a budget for SEO.

What is a small business SEO package?

Some companies like Seonza offer small business SEO packages. These packages are specially designed for small businesses to increase visibility online.

They often include technical, off page, and on page SEO services. Companies that offer these packages recognize the difficulty in getting your business off the ground.

These services can help you do that while still remaining affordable.


Local SEO costs can be expensive, but they’re essential to building your business. Seonza is an SEO company that knows the challenges of marketing your business the right way. To learn more about how Seonza can help you grow your small business through SEO, reach out to us on our website. We’re here to help however you need.